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infrared images header 2 - Steam Pipe Leak Detection

Infrared steam pipe inspection finds leaks in buried steam pipes and condensate lines in New York, Capitol District and Central NY

Infrared image of steam pipe leak 2 - Steam Pipe Leak Detection

Thermal imaging eliminates the need for random, destructive and expensive excavation. We find steam pipe leaks quickly.

Infrared imaging locates leaks in buried steam pipes and condensate lines. Commercial boilers have fill-monitoring systems to notify the property owner when the boiler is taking in replacement water. This notice is often the first indication a property owner has that a steam leak is present somewhere in the system. It is not uncommon for a system with a steam leak to take in large quantities of water fresh water, sometimes hundreds of gallons per day. Replacement water comes into the boiler “cold” and needs to be heated by the boiler. Heating this constant flow of replacement cold water into steam increases fuel bills and reduces operational efficiency. It can also introduce additional minerals, contaminants and sediment into the boiler, leading to the need for additional maintenance and repairs.

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Steam2 0 1 - Steam Pipe Leak Detection

Infrared inspection locates a break in a buried steam pipe under a parking lot.

Steam street 1 1 - Steam Pipe Leak Detection

Thermal imaging “sees” steam lines and leaks under a city street.

Thermal Imaging Finds Steam Leaks Under Concrete, Dirt and Tile. Random Digging Is Avoided by Using Infrared.

Our high-resolution thermal imager can precisely locate the leak site and mark its location. Infrared steam leak location services can eliminate the random and expensive excavation work often used to find leaks in outdoor buried steam pipes. Interior steam leaks are pinpointed and the flooring marked to eliminate unnecessary digging and destruction of decorative or hard to replace flooring surfaces.

steam3 1 - Steam Pipe Leak Detection
steam3A - Steam Pipe Leak Detection
Infrared steam pipe inspection works on outdoor steam lines as well as indoor heating supply and condensate lines. Thermography is non-destructive and non-contact making it an excellent diagnostic tool which eliminates needless destruction in a tenant’s apartment.
steam leak5 1 - Steam Pipe Leak Detection
Infrared detection locates a steam leak near the access hatch.
Steam 6 1 - Steam Pipe Leak Detection

Thermal imaging locates steam a pipe leak under the wooden floor of a residential apartment building.

Steam Pipe Leaks

Steam pipe leaks can be caused by punctures, bad connections, freezing, settling or cracked cement substrate and age. In commercial buildings and apartments built many years ago the old iron steam pipes often fail at connection points such as elbows, unions and “Tees”. Infrared thermal imaging inspections can typically pinpoint the exact location of the defective joint, connection of defect in the pipe allowing for a precise repair with minimal excavation damage to surrounding areas. Contact Us to find the leak in your steam system 1– 845-641-5482

Infrared Imaging Services

Infrared Imaging Services is a division of Jersey Infrared Consultants and a member in good standing of the United Infrared Network. As a member, we receive support for our customers from industry experts with decades of combined experience. We are certified for BlockwallScanIR™, EnergyScanIR™ RoofScanIR™. ElectricIR™, and DataCentIR™. Call or use the Contact us page to discuss your commercial thermal imaging needs. We provide infrared electrical inspections as requested by your insurance company. We are Level III thermographers certified by the Infraspection Institute.

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