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Infrared Inspection Services

Thermal Imaging for Commercial Industry and Property Management in New York State, Capitol District and Central New York.

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We are a certified infrared testing and thermal imaging company serving New York, NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut staffed by Level III Thermographers conducting Infrared inspections.

Infrared, is a proven noninvasive technology, which locates defects quickly and efficiently. Our inspection services and images show where the problems are and satisfy requirements for insurance company requested electrical inspections. We supply the necessary information to make informed, data based maintenance decisions on mechanical equipment, roofs, steam pipe leaks and building systems.

Infrared is an effective Predictive Maintenance tool which can:

  • Pin point wet insulation in flat roofs and find electrical problems
  • Serve as a quality assurance tool for new installations or repairs
  • Improve safety, reliability and profits by preventing failures
  • Save on insurance premiums by reducing the amount and severity of claims
  • Find missing/damaged insulation to save energy and reduce cooling and heating costs

Thermal infrared cameras can see overheating motors and bearings, hot or overloaded electrical connections and breakers, blocked or leaking heating/cooling pipes, water/steam leaks, tank levels, reinforcement in CMU walls, flat roof leaks and missing insulation. When used properly, infrared is one of industry’s most highly effective diagnostic tools available today.

Underground Steam Pipe Leak Detection

We locate leaks in buried steam, heating and water pipes.
No more random digging!

We find steam leaks using Infrared thermography and pinpoint their location to eliminate unnecessary digging, destruction and expense. Most boilers have fill water monitoring systems, which informs management when water is being consumed by the boiler. Some consumption is normal, but when the amount becomes excessive, it is usually an indication of a leak. Breaks in high-pressure steam lines are critical problems, which may require a permit to dig up a street or break open a basement floor. These repairs can be costly. It is important to know where to dig BEFORE digging. We pinpoint leaks to minimize destruction and reduce repair costs.

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This image shows hot water spreading under the concrete slab due to a leaking union connection on the condensate return line.

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This image shows the location of a non leaking, un-insulated union on the steam supply line.

Any leak below ground is notoriously problematic for building owners. Often their only solution is to start digging where they think the leak may be. Thermal Infrared imaging can pinpoint steam and water leaks under the floor or ground to eliminate unnecessary digging and destruction. The images show how Infrared was used to pinpoint the location of a steam pipe leak located beneath the streets of New York City. Thermal imaging saved the contractor thousands of dollars in digging costs and eliminated the need to close the street because the exact location of the leak was found to be under the sidewalk and not the street.

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Radiant Heating Leak Detection Services

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Pipe Heating Systems

Infrared inspection locates leaks in radiant pipe heating systems with precision and no destructive digging of your floors. The amorphous shape in this thermogram is a subsurface leak in a radiant heating pipe. Infrared imaging services pinpointed its exact location. There was no need for random and destructive digging to find it.

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Tile Floor

This thermogram shows the hot water radiant coils under a tile floor. Thermal imaging accurately located the exact position of each radiant coil, confirmed there were no leaks and identified safe locations to drill fixture mounting holes.

Structural Inspection

CMU wall inspection with Blockwall ScanIR – Quality control made simple!

These are infrared images of a concrete block wall. Reinforcement grout shows as being lighter in color while the missing reinforcement grout shows as a darker region. Infrared CMU wall inspection gives you 100% coverage of the wall and does not requiring drilling into the wall to find missing grout.

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You might think that the only way you can know whether the grouted cells, bond beams, insulation and other components of a CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) wall are properly placed, is to open the wall with a hammer or drill, where the grout or insulation is supposed to be and see if it is there.

Look at the image. All grout lines and empty cells are visible. Infrared is far superior to a statistical sampling with a hammer! Structural Infrared inspection BlockWallScanIR™ testing method can be performed at any time during the construction process without interrupting any other trades or affecting the progress of the rest of the building.

There are two benefits that arise from having a BlockWallScanIR™ Structural Infrared inspection performed on your newly constructed CMU walls. First, a documented record of the grouted cells and other structural components (in-situ) is created. Second, when and if deficiencies are found, a report can be generated so that corrections can be made with surgical precision. CMU walls can have grout inspected without damaging the wall or slowing the construction process! The owner gets what he paid for and the designers can literally see that their specifications have been followed.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Reveals Differences Within Materials

Thermography inspection is useable across a wide range of applications

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This image shows a small section of a 400 ft. diameter cement water tank. It leaks, shown by the many cracks and water seepage in dark purple. Infrared Imaging Services was called in to identify the locations of the leaks and pinpoint the source.

IR 2011 08 23 0175 2 - Commercial Infrared

Thermal imaging detects defects in laminate and layered materials. Density of the material changes when layers separate, conducting heat at different rates through the defects and is detectable by the thermal imager. The oval shaped dark spot on the tire after the letter “T” is a bubble caused by the delamination in the sidewall of the tire.

Building Envelope Inspection

Ceiling tiles1 1 - Commercial Infrared

Infrared envelope inspections find energy loss

A common building practice for commercial structures is to elevate the building on support columns and place an unheated parking garage directly below the first story. This practice exposes the underside of the first occupied level and its associated plumbing to the outside environment. In this image, misplaced insulation batts on top of suspended tiles are clearly visible. This facility had hundreds of tiles with misplaced insulation causing significant heat loss and pipe freezing issues for the property management company. Infrared inspection of suspended insulated ceiling tiles can quickly reveal the thermal patterns caused by missing, misapplied, or damaged insulation.

Bldg heat loss Infrared Imaging Services LLC 1 1 - Commercial Infrared

Big picture

Getting the “Big picture” of building heat loss without using infrared is difficult. An internal check of all insulation and sealing would not show how the metal beams and support structures were conducting heat out of the building. These high-resolution infrared images show what was missed during an internal inspection by the building owner. An Infrared building envelope survey performed by Infrared Imaging Services will reveal energy-wasting defects that lead to unnecessary utility expenses.

Find cooling problems and hot spots in Datacenters with DataCentIR.

Datacenters use our infrared services to ensure uniform cooling airflow and to pinpoint hot spots. Thermographic inspection should be used as quality control of any newly installed equipment: data center expansion or system overhaul to ensure cooling air has been properly distributed.

Electrical Infrared inspections of all panels and switchgear.

Dedicated power distribution units, ATS switches, UPS supplies, backup generators, power transfer switches, buss plugs and hundreds of individual power cords and outlets are all potential points of failure. Electrical Infrared thermal imaging is part of the maintenance program to locate electrical defects before failure occurs.

Mechanical Infrared Inspection

pillow block 0 0 1 - Commercial Infrared

Smart companies are saving time and money by incorporating a mechanical infrared inspection program into their overall predictive maintenance strategy.

Heat caused by wear and friction is usually the first sign of mechanical failure. Thermal imaging detects these failures in their early stages and allows for preemptive corrective action. This image is an infrared thermograph showing a pillow block bearing. Notice the bright yellow glow that indicates it is hot and potentially overheating. This condition, if undetected and unaddressed, can lead to catastrophic failure of the part that potentially damages other equipment causing unscheduled down time.

  • Infrared inspection requires no down time for equipment, inspect while in operation and under load.
  • Thermographic inspections can reduce equipment damage and the need to maintain a large spare parts inventory.

Thermal imaging inspection is perfect for businesses and factories with electrical distribution panels, UPS power supplies, steam systems and HVAC systems. Rotating equipment such as bearings, belts, motors, gear boxes, and other mechanical systems can take considerable advantage of the benefits in early detection and productivity savings thermal imaging technology has to offer.

Applications include:

  • Under slab/floor radiant heating and steam pipe leaks
  • Building Systems – HVAC systems, building envelopes, flat roofs
  • Mechanical Equipment – Motors, bearings, belts and transmissions
  • Process Equipment – Pipe blockages, coolant leaks, steam traps, tank levels
  • Construction – CMU Blockwall Scan for missing or improperly placed grout
  • Electrical Systems – Hot connections caused by , loose/corroded connections, overloaded circuits, faulty equipment
  • Data Centers – Airflow analysis, Electrical power distribution systems, UPS systems and emergency generators

Scientific applications

tire3 1 - Commercial Infrared

Tire wear analysis

The heat build up along the right edge of this tire was caused by an alignment problem. Using our High Resolution camera, we were able to detect this problem long before the tire started to show traditional signs of uneven wear. The problem was corrected and this expensive tire was saved!

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Temperature Distribution

This Graph shows the temperature distribution across the tire’s surface. This is an example of how a quantitative approach can be used to extract additional data from an IR image. Using tools like this graph make it easier to see and understand the exact distribution of temperature across the tire’s surface. Consult with us to see how high-resolution Infrared thermography can give you insight into your application.

transformer 16 ir 1 - Commercial Infrared


This thermographic image reveals very quickly that something is drastically wrong with this transformer. This could be due to several conditions but only Infrared can find it quickly and safely. Infrared is a proven and cost effective way to find these problems fast and early so they can be corrected before catastrophic failure occurs, causing unscheduled down time and loss of production revenue.

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Steam Boiler

For this high temperature steam boiler, thermal imaging shows that that the insulation on the inside of this vessel has deteriorated. Only infrared imaging provides a fast, safe, non-contact method of inspection!

Infrared Imaging Services

Infrared Imaging Services is a division of Jersey Infrared Consultants and a member in good standing of the United Infrared Network. As a member, we receive support for our customers from industry experts with decades of combined experience. We are certified for BlockwallScanIR™, EnergyScanIR™ RoofScanIR™. ElectricIR™, and DataCentIR™. Call or use the Contact us page to discuss your commercial thermal imaging needs. We provide infrared electrical inspections as requested by your insurance company. We are Level III thermographers certified by the Infraspection Institute.

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