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Infrared Mechanical Equipment Inspections in New York State, Capitol District and Central New York

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Reduce Downtime, Minimize Failures, Reduce Inventory Costs, and Prevent Injuries.

Infrared inspections of mechanical rotating equipment can find excess heat caused by friction and wear. Some friction induced heating is normal in mechanical systems, but when it increases above typical operating temperatures, it can be a leading indicator of wear and a predictor of component failure. Thermal imaging detects this heat and identifies problems while they are in their early stages, preventing a catastrophic failure. Early detection provides your maintenance staff the opportunity to take corrective actions to prevent failure and downtime.

Mechanical Infrared Inspections Reduce Failure Rate

Employees responsible for safety, production and equipment maintenance should conduct periodic infrared imaging surveys of all mechanical equipment to reduce failures. When equipment experiences variations in load, environmental exposure, over/under lubrication or incorrect adjustment of it components, the end result may be increased friction between the moving parts in the system. The increased friction can cause hot spots to develop, which can be pinpointed with our high-resolution imager. As with an electrical infrared inspection, mechanical infrared is a perfect match between the diagnostic technology of Thermography and the application.

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Infrared thermogram showing a hot spot on the side of a rotating Kiln used for drying the sand used in making concrete mix. This is an indication of a breakdown in the refectory brick insulation lining the kiln.

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Condensate trapped in the insulation of these cold water-cooling pipes is clearly visible in blue using Infrared thermal imaging.

Thermal Imaging Can Control Costs Through Less Downtime and Reduced Spare Parts Inventory

A proactive maintenance program can help to control costs through less downtime, eliminating product loss, preventing injuries and reducing inventory for standby spare parts.

Some of the conditions detectable by an infrared mechanical inspection:

  • Excessive friction
  • Defective equipment
  • Over and under tension of belts
  • Misalignment of coupled equipment
  • Over and under lubrication of bearings

Excess Heat Caused by Increased Friction is Usually the First Sign of a Future Problem.

Thermographic imaging will “see” the increased heat, finding problems while they are still small and before catastrophic failure happens. With advanced warning of failures, you have an opportunity to take preemptive and corrective action. To find out more about how Infrared thermal imaging can help you reduce failures in mechanical equipment, call us at 845-641-5482.

Infrared Imaging Services

Infrared Imaging Services is a division of Jersey Infrared Consultants and a member in good standing of the United Infrared Network. As a member, we receive support for our customers from industry experts with decades of combined experience. We are certified for BlockwallScanIR™, EnergyScanIR™ RoofScanIR™. ElectricIR™, and DataCentIR™. Call or use the Contact us page to discuss your commercial thermal imaging needs. We provide infrared electrical inspections as requested by your insurance company. We are Level III thermographers certified by the Infraspection Institute.

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